HFN's Library

Welcome to the HFN library page. Below you will find a list of books we currently have available to borrow. The list is updated regularly as new books come in and books of no relevance are re homed so do keep checking.

If you would like to borrow a book please e-mail Lucie Mason Your book choices will be posted to you. When you have finished with the books simply post them back. Easy.

The library is mobile and can attend support groups and coffee morning on request. Again, just email Lucie and book a date.

If you have any books that you know longer need but feel other carers would benefit from and would like to donate them to our valuable resource please get in touch. All donations gratefully received.

HFN's Library, choose from the following:

  1. Homemade Books to help kids cope - Robert G Ziegler - Shows carer how to create personalized books for and with their children to fit any situation. Advertised as being easy to use and fun.
  2. John Bowlby and Attachment Theory - Jeremy Holmes - An overview and summery of Bowlby's life and work. It examines the origins of his ideas and explores the relationship between psychoanalysis and Attachment Theory.
  3. The Healing Power of Play, Working with abused children - Eliana Gil - Combines theory and a practical 'how to' approach. An essential resource for carers who work with abused children.
  4. Real Parent, Real Children. Parenting the adopted Child - Holly Van Gulden et al - Practical advice for parent to how to talk to their children about adoption and how to help them through the rough times.
  5. Neglected Children: Issues and Dilemmas - Olive Stevenson - Sets out guidelines for the assessment of neglect, offers practical guidance and support.
  6. The AD/HD handbook - Alison Munden et al - Comprehensive account of ADHD and practical advice for professionals and parents.
  7. The Out of Sync Child. Recognising and coping with sensory integration dysfunction - Carol Stock - Accessible, clearly written guide to Sensory Integration Dysfunction and a drug free approach to it.
  8. Theraplay - Ann Jernberg et al - Shows carers how to use play to communicate love and authority and engage children in interactions that develop competence, self-esteem and trust.
  9. A Childs Journey through Placement - BAAF - Contains theoretical knowledge base and skills necessary for understanding, working with, and planning for children and their families.. Contains sections on attachment, separation, child development and helping children move on.
  10. Adolescence, The Survival Guide for parents and teenagers - Elizabeth Fenwick et al - Covers every aspect of adolescence sympathetically. Helps both carers and teenagers survive.
  11. Fostering Adolescents - Elaine Farmer et al - Examination of what makes fostering adolescent placements work.
  12. Foster Carers, why they stay and why they leave - Ian Sinclair et al - Examines the joys, sadness and strains of fostering, the support carers want and need, and why they leave.
  13. What is Narrative Theraplay - Alice Morgan - An easy to read introduction.
  14. Storytelling with Children in Crisis - Molly Salans - Reveals the authors methodology she uses to help heal children and their families through story telling.
  15. How to Promote Children's Social and Emotional Competence - Carolyn Webster-Stratton - For teachers of 4-8 years. Shows how teachers can work with parents to promote educational and emotional needs.`
  16. Introduction To Therapeutic Play - Jo Carroll - Provides an outline of the theoretical framework of current practice, and describes the application of theory.
  17. If You Don't Stick With Me, Who Will? The challenges and rewards of foster care - BAAF - Collection of first person accounts from foster carers.
  18. When Love is Not Enough. A guide to parenting children with RAD - Reactive attachment disorder - Nancy L Thomas - A clear focused plan for parenting disturbed children back to health.
  19. Creative Therapy for Children in New Families - Angela Hobday et al - Contains a broad range of activities designed to help children overcome emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  20. The Extra Dimension, Making sense of attachments - both positive and negative - Sheila Fearnley - Helps carers clearly understand the mind, behaviours and difficulties of children whose backgrounds have been profoundly disturbed.
  21. Managing Children's Disruptive Behaviour - Martin Herbert et al - A guide for carers who care for children whose behaviour problems are beyond those encountered normally.
  22. The Defiant Child. A parents guide to oppositional Defiant Disorder - Dr Douglas A Riley - Insight into this clinical problem and teaches proven methods for modifying behaviour.
  23. The Primal Wound. Understanding the adopted child - Nancy Newton Verrier - Revolutionizes the way we think about adoption. Looks at separation, bonding and loss.
  24. Children Exposed to Parental Substance Misuse. Implications for family Placement - Rena Phillips - Provides much needed information on the effects of substance misuse on children and addresses the challenges of assessing and supporting these children
  25. The Grieving Child. A parents Guide - Helen Fitzgerald - Provides practical, compassionate advice for helping a child deal with the death of a loved one. Careers of children from pre-school age to teens.
  26. When Parents Die - Rebecca Abrams - Honest, compassionate and insightful exploration of the experience of loosing a parent.
  27. How to Talk so Kids will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk - Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish - Offers innovative ways to solve common problems.
  28. Research in Practice. Disengagement and re-engagement of young people in learning at key stage 3 - Marian Morris and Charlynne Pullen - This review aim to identify the nature cause and scope of disengagement from learning and explore how interventions have been successful.
  29. From Surviving to Thriving. Promoting mental health in young people - Andrew Fuller - Offers a practical approach to refining communication techniques, engendering a sense of belonging in young people and developing preventative programs.
  30. Connections. The threads that strengthen families - Jean Illsley Clarke - Illustrates the importance of connections and offers poignant examples and suggestions for appreciating and responding to this vital human need.
  31. Think before you act - Michael Hymans - Thinking skills and behaviour improvement for 9 to 16 year olds.
  32. Shining Through. Pulling it together after sexual abuse - Mindy Loiselle and Leslie Bailey Wright - For girls aged 10 or up. Provides space and insightful support for the courage these young women sow in their everyday lives as they help themselves towards healing.
  33. Helping children cope with Attention Deficit Disorder - Dr Patricia Gilbert - A guide through argon and technical terms to understand what the child is going through and how to help.
  34. Using your values to raise Your Child to be an Adult you Admire - Harriet Heath - Offers confidence in your parenting decisions, Decisiveness, knowledge and reassurance.
  35. The Art Therapy Source Book - Cathy A Malchiodo - A powerful and effective form of communication, art has increasingly become a therapeutic method for enhancing health and wellbeing, releasing traumatic experiences and alleviating stress or physical pain.
  36. The Sexualized Child in Foster Care - Sally G Hoyle - A practical guide which gives information, training tips and a wide range of resources for dealing with foster children who have been sexually abused.
  37. Living with the Active, Alert Child - Linda S Budd - Ideas and advice from 15 years' experience with these intense youngsters and their frustrated parents.
  38. Helping children cope with grief - Rosemary Wells - Advice and practical help.
  39. Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool with children - Margot Sunderland - Practical ways of maximising the therapeutic value of storytelling.
  40. Therapeutic Approaches in Work with Traumatized Children and young People - Patrick Tomlinson - Invaluable record of working with traumatized children. Provides continual opportunities to respond to Childrens needs in innovative ways.
  41. Developmental Dyspraxia - Madeleine Portwood - A practical manual for parents and professionals.
  42. Creative Storytelling With Children at Risk - Sue Jennings - A practical book which will improve play skills of anyone working with children.
  43. The Early Years, The School Years, Adolescence. Assessing and promoting resilience in vulnerable children vol 1-3 - Brigid Daniel and Sally Wassell - Clear and practical workbooks.
  44. Assessing and promoting resilience in vulnerable children vol 1-3 - Brigid Daniel and Sally Wassell - Clear and practical workbooks.
  45. Therapeutic Parenting in a Nutshell - Sarah Naish - A Short overview of therapeutic parenting with some important tips and facts and lots of links to further useful reading. Readers review - This book is really useful to start to get to grips with the complicated behaviours shown by children with AD and a great introduction to therapeutic parenting. Very easy to read and very short so can easily fit it in to our busy lives. Readers review. - This book is really useful to start to get to grips with the complicated behaviours shown by children with AD and a great introduction to therapeutic parenting. Very easy to read and very short so can easily fit it in to our busy lives.
  46. Stuart - A life backward. - Alexander Masters - A story of a man who started his life in care. Very funny and moving.
  47. How I survived in and out of Care - Eve Higgins - Eve was abandoned as a baby and went through a series of foster placements before ending up in a Childrens home where she met Ella, an abused teenager. This is their story.
  48. Neurotribes, The legacy of autism and how to think smarter about people who think differently. - Steve Silberman - A book that will change how you think about Autism.
  49. Baby X - Harry Keeble with Kris Hollington - Pulls no punches in describing what life is like for some of the UK's most disadvantaged children.
  50. Nobody heard me cry - John Devane - True story of John who was abused by a neighbour aged 8 then sold as a prostitute by the age of 12.
  51. Someone to watch over me - Izzy Hammond - True story of Izzy's survival of vicious abuse from her parents
  52. Ugly - Constance Briscoe - The True story of a loveless childhood.
  53. Why can't my child behave? - Amber Elliot - Empathetic parenting strategies that work with adoptive and foster families. Review:- This book is brilliant for giving ideas and techniques which work for traumatised children. Its easy to read and easy to follow. The advice really works.
  54. Safer Caring - The Fostering Network - A practical, comprehensive collection of ideas and practises to guide you in meeting the challenges of fostering.
  55. Parenting a child who has been sexually abused - A training program for foster carers and adopters
  56. Child first, migrant second: Ensuring that every child matters - Immigration law practitioners association
  57. NSPCC Child sexual abuse - Longman - Listening, hearing and validating experiences of children
  58. Children and behavioural problems - Martine F. Delfos - Wide reaching and comprehensive book providing practical guidance on the diagnosis, support and treatment of a variety of childhood behavioural problems.
  59. Adolescence - Ann Wheal - Positive approaches for working with young people.
  60. Averting Aggression - Owen Booker - A personal and practical guide for everyone whose work can require them to deal with aggressive behaviours.
  61. Helping people with a learning disability explore relationships - Eve and Niel Jackson
  62. Sex and your teenager. A parents guide - John Coleman - Provides parents and carers with clear and helpful advice.
  63. Cultural diversity guide. An ITV guide to cultural diversity.
  64. The Social Baby - Lynne Murray and iz Andrews - Understanding babies communication from birth
  65. How we feel - Jacki Gordon and Gillian Grant - An insight into the emotional world of teenagers.
  66. Trauma, Attachment, and Family Permanence. Fear can stop you loving - Caroline Archer and Alan Burnell - Focuses on ways of integrating attachment theory and developmental psychology into effective practise.
  1. For Every Child. Story book. (age 3+)
  2. Everything I do you blame on me/ Why should I it's not my birthday. Story book. (aged 5+)
  3. Teens have feelings too. 100 monologs for young performers.
  4. Face your feelings. A book to help children learn about feelings.
  5. Teen Esteem. A self- direction manual for young adults.
  6. I'm Proud. Helping a child to learn self-Affirmation.
  7. I'm Mad. Helping children learn options for coping with disappointment
  8. I'm frustrated. Empowering children to achieve.
  9. Amy Elizabeth goes to play therapy. Story book. (5+)
  10. The huge bag of Worries. Story book about dealing with feelings.(2+)
  11. The boy who built a wall around himself. Story book (4-9) Uses a simple metaphor to show how traumatised children can put up barriers around themselves.
  12. Different Croaks for Different folks. All about children with special learning needs.
  13. Sensory Smarts. A book for kids with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders struggling with sensory integration problems.
  14. Dads in Prison.
  15. Rosie - Coming to terms with the death of a sibling.
  16. Remembering mum.
  17. Hot Stuff to help kids Chill out. The anger and stress management book.
  18. Malpas the dragon. Beautifully illustrated book about loss and survival.
  19. Danny's mum. Danny's mum is sent to prison.
  20. A safe place for Caleb. An interactive book for kids, teens and adults with issues of attachment, grief and loss or early trauma.
  21. It's my body. A book to teach young children how to resist uncomfortable touch.

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